Monday, February 29, 2016

Testing my product

I went to test my product in my backyard and I put the product together and tried it out. I started running around my backyard dribbling my soccer ball. When I started running,  the shin guard started falling out a little bit. But it stayed in more than how it would of been originally. What i'm thinking is putting more Velcro on the shin guard and then it would stay in more and then people could actually use my product.

Idea show case

The night before idea show case i worked for four hours on my poster board. I did that to make sure i had everything and that my poster looked good . I had all of my information and everything people needed to know. When people started to walk by I started to get a bit scared because there were a lot of people there but i told them what my project was and they thought it was really good.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Materials and instructions

The materials you will need for this is Velcro, shin guards , and socks. What you will need to do is put the Velcro inside of the sock and inside the Shinguard. You stick the Shinguard on you leg and put the sock on and then the Velcro will stick and the Shinguard should stay in place and not move around your leg. It should stay in one place the whole time when you play in the game.